10 Reasons to Choose TASCO Plumbing

Are you looking for an experienced & reliable Plumbing Contractor that can meet your requirements on time and on budget? TASCO Plumbing has been serving the Plumbing needs of commercial and residential clients throughout South Florida for decades. Whether you need a Residential Plumber or a Commercial Plumber in Miami, FL, TASCO Plumbing is your go-to Plumber Contractor in Miami, Florida.

1. SERVICE. We've helped a long list of previous clients during our decades of service to Southern Florida, who we can proudly call friends. We invite you to read some client testimonials which showcases our hard work and dedication.

2. LICENSED & INSURED. Beware of unlicensed Plumbing Contractors in Miami, FL and 3rd party sales vendors that tell you they are qualified to meet your Plumbing needs, yet don't even meet Florida state law requirement for being a certified Plumbing Contractor. TASCO Plumbing is a fully-licensed Plumbing Contractor with DECADES of Plumbing & Mechanical experience. We also provide the Miami, FL residents with Electrician and Air Conditioning services.

3. SPEED. Pick up the phone and we will be there within FAST to complete a site survey. A written estimate will be delivered as fast as humanly possible of the site survey. As a customer of TASCO Plumbing, you can rest assured that meeting your project deadline on time and on budget is our #1 goal.

4. SUPPORT. As a customer of TASCO Plumbing you do not have to worry about navigating a complex maze of bureaucracy, endless phone menus and waiting on hold when you have urgent questions or concerns. You will have the direct line and mobile phone number of a Project Manager dedicated to your needs. Project managers are available to answer questions and meet your needs 24/7.

5. COST. We offer competitive prices without compromising the integrity of the service and product. We provide qualified Plumbers 24/7 even in emergency around the clock at lower hourly bill rates then our local competitors.

6. GUARANTEED. We proudly back our work with a Factory Backed System guarantee on all Plumbing installs.

7. FLEXIBILITY. TASCO's Plumbers are prepared to work around the clock and on weekends to meet all your needs.

8. EXPERIENCE & DEDICATION. TASCO Plumbing has been servicing the Residential Plumber and Commercial Plumber needs of Southern Florida for decades. The project manager assigned to your project will work for you and with you to ensure that your project develops as outlined in the written estimate.

9. SINGLE CONTACT FOR ALL YOUR PLUMBING NEEDS. TASCO Plumbing can assist you in selecting and implementing the right Plumbing fixtures if you are renovationg your kitchen or bathrooms.

10. FAMILY-OWNED & OPERATED. We are family-owned and operated, which means you do not have to worry about navigating a complex maze of bureaucracy to get your project started & completed.

Top Reasons to Choose TASCO Plumbing

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Centrally Located
  • Providing Friendly Customer Service
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Free Estimates
  • Eco-Friendly

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