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Have you ever thought about how much use your faucets receive every day? Probably not. If you're an average person, you'll go into the kitchen or bathroom, turn on the faucet, and expect water to come out. Turn off the faucet, water turns off and you're on your way. Simple and straightforward, as it should be. However, Leaking Faucet Repairs in Miami, FL are more common than what you might have originally thought.

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Most of us only take notice of our Leaking Faucets in Miami, FL only when they begin to leak. Leaking Faucets can be quite annoying and by the time you have to call in a Faucet Repair Plumber in Miami, FL, things may have gotten way out of control in your bathroom or kitchen.

But why does your faucet leak? What causes the leak in the first place? Read on to find out more.

Why is My Faucet Leaking?

Below are a few reasons why you might need the help of one of our Leaking Faucet Plumbers in Miami, FL:

Faucet O-Ring Problems ' The O-ring is a small disc attached to the screw that holds your sink stem in place. With regular use, hard water, or the passage of time, the O-ring can become worn or damaged, leading to a potential Faucet Leak. A simple replacement may be enough to turn off the drip.

Faucet Worn Washers ' A Faucet Washer sits against the valve seat, the connection between the faucet and spout. When you turn on the faucet, the washer grinds against the valve seat. This friction can wear or damage the washer, leading to a leak in the faucet.

Corroded Valve Faucet Seats 'The Faucet Valve Seat is the connection between your faucet and the spout from which the water flows. Water sediment can build up and corrode the valve seat, causing a leak. Cleaning the Faucet Valve Seat is usually enough to deal with the problem, though you may need to change it completely.

Improperly Installed Faucet Washers ' If the Faucet Washer wasn't installed just right, the sink can leak. If the installed washer is too large or small, it will also leak. Leaks that come from the handles are usually the result of improper washer installation.

Worn Faucet Seals ' The inlet and outlet seals play an important role in the function of disc faucets, but they can sustain a lot of wear and damage over the years. Sediment can accrue in the faucet, wearing out the seals faster than normal.

Loose Faucet Parts ' The packing nuts and adjusting ring in the stem screw can become loose over the years of use, causing leakage around the faucet handle.

Broken Faucet Plumbing ' Broken pipes and fittings are sometimes the cause of your leaking faucet.

No matter the problem, it's always best to get a professional to come in and check out your Leaking Faucet issues. TASCO is the right Leaking Faucet Repair Company in Miami and the Best Faucet Installation Professionals in Miami. TASCO Plumbing will have your sink or bathtub faucets up and running leak-free in no time!

Other Leaking Faucet Repair Problems Miami, FL

Here are a few other Faucet Repair Problems in Miami for which you may need the help of a Leaky Faucet Plumber in Miami, FL:

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  • Rusting Faucets Miami, FL
  • Damaged Faucets Miami, FL
  • Improperly Draining Sinks Miami, FL
  • Clogs Miami, FL

If you need help with a Leaking Faucet in Miami, FL, it's time to call the Faucet Leaking Repair Plumbers at TASCO Plumbing. We are Miami's Best Faucet Repair and Installation Company in Miami, FL.

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